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- Teach children new words from a single page.- Exercises a child's imagination.- Surprising effects.The app's descriptionDownload Endless ReaderLearn new words with the Endless Reader.This application is very easy to use.• Practice a new word using letters taken from the word.• Tell stories about Pinkerton and his friends.• New words come alive.• Puzzle pages that bring elements from multiple pages together.Numerous usage of Endless Reader- "Unbelievably Easy" - "One of the easiest apps for teaching children new words" - Techlicious- "New and easy word learning" - "This application is great for pre-readers" - fabkids- "The much-needed word-training game for preschoolers" - CNET- "Easy and fun to play" - Lifewire- "Super cute and fun" - Baby Apps- "Lots of new words for kids to learn" - Appolicious- "Endless reader is fun for all" - makeuseof.comEndless Reader Comments:Endless Reader is a great app if you want your kids to learn new words. If you want a word to learn and end up not understanding it, you can take it back and try to learn it. If you think it's too hard to learn, you can make the letters match the words, and make them match the word's audio. Then you can move on to other words, without wasting too much time on the one you had trouble with.I also really like how it has the ability to connect words together. For example, you can click on a word, and it will add its letters to the word you have chosen. If you click on it again, it will connect the words together. It will make a sentence out of it.What I like:- Endless Reader is free- Endless Reader makes you learn new words in a lot of fun ways- Endless Reader is really easy to use- Endless Reader has a great game mechanic where it moves the letters with the word letters- You can set a timer for how long you want Endless Reader to move the letters with the word letters- Endless Reader has a lot of different word games that you can playWhat I don't like:- Endless Reader has no sound 08929e5ed8

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